Pop that color

It looks like I’ve been thrown out of the 80s with this outfit: vivid colors, haircut, bling earrings, jeans cut and slingback heels. Definitely think my mum could have been dressed the same way in her twenties.


You also must have already been in these “I should wear more colors” moments. These moments you consider brighter colors but think they would fit anyone but you. I’ve been getting myself into one of those lately. And I ended up with this joyful jumper. Not bad, right?

Sure thing, the only way to make one’s mind will always be to give it a try before rejecting the idea. Try colors, allow yourself a bit of extravagance, try something different from what you’re used to: no doubt, you won’t be disappointed. You can have great surprises. I thought I would have looked like a candy with my sour jumper. But at the end, I might look like a candy but a stylish candy! So, to you dear reader, never doubt the power of a bright color on your total outfit. It’s all about visual harmony.

Then you can start right now! You could pop a grenat satin gown from Mango or yellow strappy dress from Zara as an easy start for a winterish colored end of year.

Jumper: Missguided
Jeans: Bershka
Shoes: Mango
Earrings: Zara


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