Views of Puglia : 7 places where to enjoy South Italy

August. Lecce, Puglia (Italy)

I spent my vacation in South Italy during this summer. The region was the perfect place to rest and enjoy la dolce vita. Enjoying the charm of Lecce every day, appreciating nearby beaches (better early in the morning for real quietness), eating as many gelati as I could and savouring pasticciotti (typical pastry of the city), fresh pasta and tasty pizza was a very sweet time.

Door reflection, Alberobello

Ever plan to visit the region? The best advice I would give you would be to rent a car to make the most of your trip. It will be easier to travel from town to town and access the best swimming areas at your own time.

Piazza di Duomo, Lecce

For my part, I went to visit the following places I recommend:

  • Lecce, for a relaxed walk day and night
  • Acquaviva di Marittima, for the nice place but reaaaally early in the morning to avoid the crowd
  • Grotta della Poesia, for the incredible natural place but also early in the morning
  • Otranto, for the walks too (but I prefered Lecce)
  • Cava de Bauxite, for the impressive natural place
  • Porto Selvaggio, for the wild nature (definitely my favorite place of the whole stay) and the quiet, also early in the morning
  • Alberobello, for the nice homes’ architecture but be prepared for tons of tourists around

Here are some visuals of my vacations I love. You might have seen more on my Instagram.

Piazza di Duomo, Lecce
Arranging, Lecce
Lecce’s night
End of the day, Lecce
Astronaut around Grotta della Poesia
Piazza della Cattedrale di Otranto
Super friendly host at Sorsi & Morsi (Gourmet fast food), Otranto
Cava di Bauxite, Otranto
Entering the calm of Porto Selvaggio’s swimming area
Shades, Porto Selvaggio
Ceramics of Alberobello
Roofs of Alberobello
Views os strolling, Alberobello
Unexpected wall matching, Alberobello

By the way, along my stay an unexpected fashion interrogation came up about Pyrex label. I noticed several times the brand worn by young individuals aged from 10 to 15 max. Ok Virgil Abloh’s worldwide influence is undeniable today and yes, his Off-White fashion house is based in Milan but still. I could not understand how Pyrex would be that present among such young generation in South Italy (at least from what I saw). Maybe you guys happen to know a little more on the subject. I would definitely welcome an explanation on this.

Pyrex road sign, Alberobello




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