Go for an unsual basket

As I told you guys in the previous article, I decide my pace here. I can definitely post an article about a nice summer week-end in Saint Lattier even if the day I wrote this article it was exactly 11°C and rainy outside. Yes, that weekend and the outfit shot there matter that much. 😊

If looking for a quiet place for a weekend, Saint Lattier would definitely suits your ambitions. But choosing a resting place was not the point of this article.

This was!

Yes, this sweet little bag. I love “little cute things” like a little plastic bag found in a great West African market during holidays.

I bought this little friend in Dantokpa market in Cotonou last year. Just like me, I don’t think you would resist the shades of a stand full of attractive colorful bags such as the ones on this masterpiece of @princejyesi (I should probably start sharing more visual art like this).

I picked mine in a nude tone to stay close to the wicker basket trend. I counted on the stripes to give it it’s unique look. You can combine such bag with pretty much any casual style. I decided here to take on a sweet prints’ mixwith neutral stripes and vichy. The combo of mini pieces: mini short, minishirt, mini bag made it all a sage summer look. Perfect for a leisure afternoon.

If you can’t afford a ticket to the sun, you can get one of this kind of bags at @marchenoir_paris’s pop-up stores. You should often check their Instagram page for the new dates to come.

Where I ended up my leisure afternoon



Crop top : Bershka
Mini short : Mango
Mules : Stradivarius


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