Green Paradise

Have you ever had that “there might be someone listening to my heart somewhere” feeling when crossing a store entrance and staring at these clothes you have always dreamed of? Sure you have. I actually had that feeling when crossing a Bershka store a couple of weeks ago. It was sooo green everywhere! Everything I needed: trousers above all. Seems that the color has turned highly fashionable this summer.

I had to fight with my inner self not to buy it all: a long large high waist one, the long one you see in this article (statement trousers peeps!), a black one with green stripes on the borders and finally a stripped bright green jumpsuit I fell for at first sight. I let you guess what happened next… I tried them all and lost the inner fight. I could already see my future with all of them. The final price of the haul wasn’t that bad. Each piece would cost around 20€: a great deal I would say. You will find out I always try to make good deals when buying clothes. Yes, before hitting the jackpot and glowing in high-end fashion brands, one must start where he can.

I let you now check my super trouser I rocked for a brunch outing. You can nail it styling this kind of streetwear inspired trousers with high heels and either a shirt or a jumper: for stylish casual looks (my favorites).




Outfit review : Jumper H&M / Trousers Bershka / Clutch Mango/ Shoes Vanessa Wu/ Eyewear Primark


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